Krazy Dawg Beach Co-ed Volleyball League

Crazy Dawg Voleyball image
Gill Dawg will be starting a Competitive Co-Ed 2s League in March

Games will be played on Wednesday nights starting May 17 at 6pm. The cost per team is $80 which must be paid in full when you turn in your registration form.  Payment may be either cash, check, or credit card.

NOTE: Volleyball Commissioner Selma Maran will be at Gill Dawg on May 15 at 6pm to collect money and packets. Money is due on that date.

This is a 4 on 4 Competitive League, and you must have 1 female on the court at all times. You need 4 on the roster (including the female) but up to 8 total  Ages 17 and up allowed.  Maximum teams is 13.

Call or email Selma with any questions, comments or concerns. [email protected] (727) 967-5541