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Photo by: Ken Taylor – Native Watercraft Pro-Staff / Fishing Team

Gill Dawg is a Native Kayak dealer, and we want you to know about this fishing machine! The Slayer 12 can perfectly fit you and your gear. For sight or fly fishing, raise the High Low First Class seat or easily stand and cast. It’s being touted as “the perfect kayak”, “the next big thing” and “the best kayak on the market. Come check it out at Gill Dawg and take it out for a test paddle!

Native Slayer 12′ Review from

“This is overall my favorite Kayak. All the good things that are on the Slayer 14 in a smaller package. Plenty of room for storage and I love the open hatch in the front, I keep my Native Water Trail bow bag in it with the scuppers plugged and my catch net slides under the bungees in easy reach.

Native Slayer 12 Gill Dawg dealer kayak Port Richey FloridaIt tracks well and has amazing speed. The plano box storage next to the seat is perfect for keeping necessary items close at hand. The Slayer has excellent initial and secondary stability. I have bad knees and am balance-challenged, but I had no problem standing with the seat in the high position. Even with the seat in low position for paddling I still have room to stuff a rain jacket and small dry box. The storage space is amazing and unlike other Kayaks it is easy to turn around and reach into the tankwell behind you or to scoot up and reach the bow storage without ever feeling tippy.

I paddled 2 miles across a lake to fish a small creek and easily out distanced some others in our group. On the paddle back there was some chop and this Kayak paddled true without a lot of corrective strokes. There are gear tracks ad flat areas for mounting cameras and fishing rod holders or anything else you may need for either a day trip or a longer camping trip.

If you can only get one kayak, the Native Slayer series is the best fishing Kayak I have ever paddled.”

Learn more about the Native Slayer, available models, including the propel version. Learn more at Native Watercraft website.

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