opt-outside-custom#OptOutside is a  movement started by REI’s startling announcement that they will be closed on Black Friday. Many outdoor-based companies are now encouraging their customers to head outside on Black Friday and break with the tradition of chaotic shopping with throngs of people.

Gill Dawg is encouraging our community to head #OptOutside on Friday, November 25. There’s lot’s of great places to enjoy the great outdoors in our area and we offer a few ways to get you there as well. How about trying something new and pushing yourself to experience the outdoors in a whole new way.

Explore Port Richey’s Area Parks – Free!
CatDawg Adventure Excursions – Offered daily for $75 per person
Guided SUP Tours – Offered weekly for $45
SUP and Kayak Rentals – offered daily starting at $25
Sunset Cruises – offered Fri-Sun for $25
Sponsor a Kid to Get Outdoors with our EcoDawgs Youth Paddling Program – $45 per child