Hope for a Cure Gill Dawg Durney Key
BY ELYSE LEWIS – Special to The Suncoast News; Published: June 28, 2014 – See more

PORT RICHEY — “We’re trying to make it a little different,” Steve Markley of Gill Dawg Marina said at the Hope for a Cure benefit concert.

“We wanted to come up with something for breast cancer awareness month and the Bob Hope Band wanted to participate,” Markley, the watersports manager at Gill Dawg said.

The company gave out pink wristbands for $5, created ways to get people out to the island on boats and held a one-day island party June 21 that had an impressive turnout.

Gill Dawg staff shuttled customers out from their marina to Durney Key throughout the afternoon. The event served up live music courtesy of local musicians including the Bob Hope Band, Adriane Ray and Gordon Carmen. Guests could munch on local food straight from the Gill Dawg tiki bar.

According to the Mayo Clinic, breast cancer is one of the most common cancers diagnosed among women in the United States, although it can occur in men as well, concert organizers said.

To this day they state that it’s not 100 percent clear what causes breast cancer. Recommended prevention methods include breast cancer screening exams, breast self-exams, avoiding or limiting the amount of alcohol you intake to less than one drink a day, regular daily exercise, limiting postmenopausal hormone therapies and maintaining a healthy weight.

Raising awareness and funding for research of the disease through events like the Hope for a Cure Concert, however, has boosted diagnoses, treatments and survival rates.

“I think that at Gill Dawg it’s really about the unique experience that you get here,” Markley observed. “You get a little bit of everything” in one place.

Events like the concert aren’t a rare occurrence for Gill Dawg. It regularly offers watersports rentals, guided eco-tours, food and live entertainment from popular solo musicians and bands.

The marina is getting ready to launch a full tournament volleyball league in the events center. The leagues haven’t even been made official and groups were already practicing in the center at Gill Dawg over the weekend.

Gill Dawg has plans for the Fourth of July holiday weekend with the Bash on the Bayou party. Not only will the night include fireworks, but two popular bands. The Voodoos and Black Honkeys will be playing live.

“The Black Honkeys are huge out here, they have a huge following,” Markley said. Gill Dawg marina is at 5419 Treadway Drive.

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