gill dawg youth programs adventure port richeyDay after day Gill Dawg continues to make tremendous strides toward the development of the Bayou and Pasco County Community as a whole.  We feel when attempting to make a change that is permanent, we must look to the future.  So we have built a program that focuses on the development of youth through adventure and exposure to places they didn’t even know exist.

The development program will start by offering field trips for the local schools. The field trips will consist of kayaking, hiking, boating, camping, and other various outdoor adventures. The price is $15 and the average field trip will last approximately 2 hours. Gill Dawg will cover all the instructors with safety gear and equipment. This offers the local schools a really unique opportunity to expose the kids to learning with a “hands on” approach.

In addition to the field trips, Gill Dawg will be offering an Adventure Membership for the youth. Basically there will be a monthly rate for the club. The membership will buy you a packaged amount of monthly adventures! Some examples of these trips may be a paddle through Werner-Boyce Salt Springs.  Or a hike through James E. Grey Preserve and barbecue afterward. A pontoon ride to Durney Key to explore the stilt houses and learn how to start a fire on the island. These are just a few examples of the trips we have been hosting with our youth already!

We understand that not all parents can afford the luxury of signing their kids up for a monthly membership for an Adventure Club. We have started to partner with local businesses in the community to help build a scholarship fund to help support lower income households. The money will be held in a fund, and distributed to the individuals who meet the scholarship standards. This will allow them to participate in the Adventure Program and provide them access to all the amazing outdoor opportunities Gill Dawg has to offer.

Building a stronger community starts with the youth! This is a huge initiative for Gill Dawg and we are looking for the community’s support. If you are a government agency, volunteer organization, school, or local business interested in partnering; please contact 727.842.1070 and ask for Steve. We are looking forward to a healthier Pasco County!